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Bruce Rainwater
  CERT International - Bruce Rainwater  

Bruce Rainwater was appointed the Director of Development for CERT International on January 5th of 2004 . A business graduate from Mississippi State University, and a member of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), Bruce has been a golf professional for over 16 years.

A resident of Crossville, Tennessee for 10 years, Bruce is very fond of it’s small town values and the abundance of outdoor activities. He loves all kinds of fishing and has a passion for the walking species. Active with his church, Bruce participates and leads different men’s groups and activities in and outside the church. He spreads the Good News weekly at the local jail and for the last four years has played a leading role in developing Kairo’s Torch (youth prison ministry) with the most violent offenders in the state. The last five


years Bruce has served as an advisory board member with the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s (FCA), and stepped down after leaving the golf business.

In November 2002, Bruce experienced his first foreign mission with CERT; traveling deep in the Amazon jungles of Peru, returning home a different man. “Peru is where I got my first glimpse of extreme poverty. Previously shielded by luxuries of the USA, I wanted to do more and help make a difference; but what or how had not been revealed.

The following year Bruce went on his second international mission with CERT traveling 7000 miles from home into the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. More is revealed as Bruce shares his personal testimony of Gods calling on his life.

“We traveled into a country only 14 years free from dictatorship; the people still living in fear and economic strife, more than 50% below the poverty line. Our purpose is to share the love of Jesus through medical and dental clinics. The night before the clinics began, I was asked to lead evangelism in the clinics. I was restless as these questions played on my mind trying to sleep the day before battle. Can I carryout the task before me? Lord, are you sure you got the right man for this job? What am I doing here?

The next morning on your knees in the medical clinic, look with me into the eyes of a 79-year-old woman, who appears 109 from a life of labor in the fields. Feel your heart break when she says, “I don’t have enough money to get to heaven." Adrian is a 13-year-old boy seated before us in the dental chair. He looks right through you as we try to get to know him. You discover he has seen the Jesus video five times describing the message of salvation, yet he still believes he will go to hell when he dies. Tears from Jesus are the only comfort in this moment. Though Adrian knew “about “ Jesus, no one had ever introduced him “to” Jesus. Now I realize why I am here and am humbled to introduce Adrian to Jesus.

There are many similar stories of Romanians meeting Jesus for the first time. Never before had I seen the hand of God open so many doors, changing lives and villages forever. Never before had I felt that my life had truly made a difference until now. I heard the painful pleas and saw the changed lives. My heart beat with a passion that I had never known. Something was happening and never again would I be the same.

God used this journey to shape me for His glory. Jesus poured His love for the lost deep into the selfish places of my heart. My purpose in life changed on this great adventure. To be a PGA member has been a childhood dream come true, but I could not deny this call on my heart. This prompted Ken (CERT President) and I to discuss the possibilities of my teaming with CERT.

Now working with CERT full time, everything I do can make a difference in someone’s life forever. The mission trips helped open my heart to what truly matters. Being able to promote and share the love of Jesus is the only thing that makes me fully alive. Jesus said “only those who throw away their life for my sake will know what its like to truly live.” (Mark 8:35)

I have been transformed from a golf professional to a man with a mission. God says the harvest is great but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37), I am grateful to serve. I have been chosen to travel a narrow road full of risk and adventure; the road that points to Jesus. The road that changes lives forever!

Bruce’s story is only one of the thousands of lives that have been transformed by short-term mission trips. Has God been wooing you to a mission trip? Are you willing to lay down your life so that others may live? Are you ready for perhaps the greatest adventure of your life, to find what it is to truly live?

Right now, pray and ask God what he would have you do. If you are to go, we can help.

Please return to our get involved page and prepare to be richly blessed.


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